Jack McCann
Los Angeles
Meteor Jewelry
Reverse Glass/ 22K Gold

Deuce Gym
Hermosa Beach, CA

Frogtown Brewery
Frogtown (N. Atwater), CA

Vincent Gallo

BARRY'S Bootcamp
Office Floor
Hollywood, CA

AHRF Canvas Banner
Burbank CA

8209 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles CA

Deuce Gym
Venice, CA

Pizza Box Graphics
Olio Pizzeria 
Hollywood - GCM

The only Pizza Box on the globe with Scroll Pinstriping printed on them.

Bier Sign
Rudi Hillabrand

Commissioned Duplicate
My original sign hangs in
Venice Ale House, Venice Beach, CA

Gift, commissioned by friend

Coffee Coffee
1040 N Fairfax ave
West Hollywood CA

The Dinger Belle.. To Be Continued....

Scale locomotive. 
Goldleafing and Pinstripes.

More Pics Soon...

Sign Board: Olio Pizzeria
Grand Central Market
Los Angeles, CA

Massive in weight, Italian built pizza oven being lifted in place over hollow concrete floor....

Mickey's Self Storage
Advertising Vehicle
Venice, CA

Olio Pizzeria Downtown LA @ Grand Central Market
          -Backside window / Copper Leaf - Enamel